88 Roubaix: 

Sunday October 1 2017: 


We have a large issue this weekend in that the ride organiser has to go to Canada for family reasons sooner than anticipated. We would of liked to have joined in but instead we have attached a GPX link of the course. Again please email and we can attach maps if you are wanting to ride. 


We like riding the local gravel and have been looking for a new course to maintain the 88km distance but do away with last years planned loops. The social ride worked well last year with 40 odd riders turning up and enjoying the scenic views and maybe not the 23c tyres that some chose. 


For 2017 we are heading off from Burringbar Village at the base of the infamous Burringbar Range. Meeting spot will be the park next to the railway and oposite the general store, which does great coffee. The distance is 88 km and similar to last year with an extra 32km loop along flat gravel roads through the odd cane field. 


Due to the course location and the fact this is unsupported we would like to keep it a little under control by asking you to email us for the course details so we can confirm if you are coming on the day. 

The ride is unsupported - there is no mechanical support - no sag wagon and no communications. You are on your own (well hopefully with a bunch of other people also on their own). 


Course : 

As we are not going to be there - here is a map, which if you click on the link at the top of the map it will take you through to the locaton to find GPX downloads, elevation and turn by turn. If this is too much just email us and we shall send all these through. 


Course Elevation: 


The course has some hills, with a total of 1530m climbing throughout the day - remembering its only 88km and 30km on gravel...


2017 elevation profile




The Gravel: 


In 2016 there were a number of people who turned up on mountain bikes -and were pretty happy with it. The gravel is nice on the right gear, which is not 23c tyres.

There is a megre total of 28.6km of gravel but it feels a bit more than that given all the climbing during the day. We have tried to set out more of a journey as opposed to a hard core gravel crush but it covers pretty much all the good gravel roads in the vicinity.


Section Name Description Distance
1 Groove Gravel Smooth and rolling a nice first introduction 4.4 km
2 Shortcut  Quick and easy 1.3 km
3 Cane Field Crush  Typically a wind tunnel with rough gravel, at least its flat 3.4 km
4 Krazed Cudgera   Currently not all there but still scenic 6.2 km
Reserve Judgement  Maybe the nicest stretch 4.9 km
6 Deviation Even Richard went round it 2.4 km
7 Mooball Madness at 20% grade in parts we left the worst till last 6.2km







We shall confirm start times and durations in follow up email, but figure 5 hours comfortable pace or 3.5 hours pinned. Remember this is not a race so there is no timing (actually its not even an organised ride)

Aid Stations: 


There is the opportunity to get food and water at Burringbar general Store, Moobal Pub and store (twice) burringbar again, then Murwillumbah and home to Burringbar. (thats actually a pretty good course description also)

There will be an aid station at the intersection of Reserve Creek Road and Round Mountain Road with water, maybe muffins and some extra snacks and sunburn cream. 



There are public toilets at most of the minor towns like Burringbar, Moobal and Murwillumbah.