Rider Support: 

There is none. This year we are doing unsupported rides but taking all precautions possible so you do not get lost. However in terms of repairs, pick ups, food and water - its all up to you. 

On the ride: 

Riders will be supplied with a course map with contact details of emergency services,- once you send us an email and request it!

All riders are required to have a mobile phone with them during the ride and we shall give you our emergency contact details. We shall have a sign on sheet for those who would like us to keep track of them and we will phone/ sms any riders whom we have not accounted for. 

There will be a rider briefing before the ride to communicate any course changes, challenges or issues as well as the normal safety briefing, which everyone is required to attend. 



For the 88 Roubaix Ride - Bring a cyclocross bike or something that can take 35c tyres. Yea sure, you can prove a point and bring 23c tyres but you have been warned, it would not be fun and we are not waiting while you change your 72nd puncture. If you are a unsure - go a mtb, you will probably make up time on the gravel on those with cross bikes - they might catch you on the road. However THIS IS NOT A RACE, get out and go on the bike you will enjoy the ride on. Suffering is for racing. 

Make sure your bike has been to a mechanic recently, the chain and cluster is in good condition, brake pads are not worn, wheels are tensioned and tyres are in good order, take it to a bike shop and ensure a great weekend is going to be had.


The gravel is relatively ugly - to minimise punctures and allow for comfort we would recommend 35c tyres as the minimum, which is achievable for the majority of cross bikes. If your're running a disco road or gravel version then 32c makes for extra speed over the smooth stuff and allows a bit less margin for error in the loose. Yes some people made it through on 23c tyres last year but they had to tip toe through some of the uglier sections. 

Gear Selection: 

Gearing, a 34 / 28 combo would be minimum for climbing (grinding) up the final climb. The first 300 metres is about 20%, on gravel, and while we shall take care to manicure this section prior to the ride, it’s still a hard climb. After the initial wall there is another 6km climbing so a 28 is a welcome addition. The remaining ride is achievable by mortals with a 34/25 combo, again its more about having that bail out gear for the rougher stuff and not having to walk, which is your other option if you can't ride it.


Everyone is going to be self sufficient and able to change their own flats and do their own repairs. Riders can achieve this because they went to their local shop and learnt how to fix stuff and because they have bought at least the following spares on the ride. 

We would suggest: 

2 x Tubes
2 x Gas canisters
1 x Small hand pump
1 x Tyre patch
1 x Chain link
1 x Rear derailleur tip (suited to your bike)
1 x Multi tool
Sunburn cream 
Spare cash 



Burringbar General Store has some nice muffins and coffee, then we go through Mooball and Murwillumbah - just bring cash. 

Want to know more about handling your nutrition?

Check out these links, HAMMER NUTRITION or ENDURA or CLIFF BAR or OLYMPIAN (ok - we googled bacon and this came up instead)

Importantly try it before you "race" it and take more than you think. It's surprisingly easy way to make friends on a ride when you have spare food. 


Burringbaris located an easy 30 minute drive from the Gold Coast and 2 hours 30mins  from the heart of Brisbane.

The coastal towns of Kingscliff, Cabarita, Hasting Point and Pottsville all add to the accommodation opportunities in the area with the bonus of great surf if your're staying for the weekend. 

There are plently of day spas locally for the recovery or payoff for the company of your better half to attend the weekend. There is also the Tweed Art Gallery as a great cultural distraction (with a nice restaurant). 

Check out Destination Tweed's web site for local details. 

Locality Map: 




Weather in Murwillumbah in September is pretty idyllic. Minimums of 11.5 deg and tops of 25 deg make for ideal ride temperatures,and its one of the driest - but lets not jinx it yet after the wet winter we have experienced so far.




For some of the best accommodation information locally check out Destination Tweed’s website for local attractions, other events, accomodation and things to do.

Event Safety: 

Its not a race. The roads will be open and while they are extreemly quiet its best to play it safe and sensible, there is no prize money. While we shall do our best to keep you safe and notify drivers you might be there, you are responsible, and its you who will be tackling the car, not us (well not initially anyway) - so please play it safe. 


- We firmly subscribe to the safety and etiquette guidelines recommended by the Amy Gillett Foundation
- Normal road rules apply. 
- Keep Left at all times
- Obey all traffic Signals, like STOP and GIVE WAY, unless directed by Police.
- Obey directions given by Police, Course Marshals and Event Staff, its for your saftey and benefit.  
- Its not a race, dangerous riding will result in exclusion and no fun for anyone involved. (we hate having to do it also)
- Know your limits and where WARNING and SLOW DOWN signs are stationed they must be respected. 
- Do not put yourself or anyone else in danger by your riding. 
- Be courteous and respectful to Marshals, Police, event staff, public, residents and other road users, please. 
- Keep to the left on the road to allow clear passage for passing traffic.
- Be predictable and always indicate your intentions.
- When riding with others; ride no more than two abreast but be courteous if the road narrows - ride single file on climbs where possible.
- Communication is the key – signal or call your intentions and hazards to ensure your safety and the safety of those near you.
- At lights and intersections, stay in position behind queued vehicles & riders rather than rolling up the side of stopped traffic. (it's ok there are no lights)